Rimads app

Getting Healthy Made More Convenient
The Rimads mobile app transforms your experience with pharmacies and wellness stores via a fast, reliable, easy, and constantly available service.
With the Rimads app, you can ...
With the Rimads app, you will be able to use your smartphone to browse and search for OTC medicines and healthy-living products from a large network of different pharmacies and wellness stores in Qatar. You can place orders and have your items delivered directly to you, wherever you are.
The Rimads app will include a brief set of instructions explaining how to use every item safely. Additionally, at the touch of a button, you will be able to ask a specialist (i.e., pharmacists, health trainers, and dietitians, among others) about any item through a 24/7 voice-and text-based communication channel.
The days of leaving your home, driving through traffic, and waiting in lines are long gone. You can now order all kinds of health and wellness items, including OTC medications, supplements, vitamins, organic foods, and much more through the Rimads app. Afterwards, we deliver directly to you using high-tech, temperature-safe, and fully-private packing techniques.
The Rimads app allows you to schedule future deliveries of health and wellness items that you take regularly. These items can include chronic disease medications, vitamins, diet-based products, fitness items, and much more. Setup your deliveries in advance, and your items will be prepared and delivered to the location of your choice.
When a patient receives a medication with scheduled dosages, the Rimads app will initiate the usage of the medication and maintain a schedule for timely consumption. Then through notifications, the app will send a reminder to the patient when a dosage is due.